Domestic Violence Allegations

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There may be a world where human beings are able to control their emotions when in stressful situations in the home with loved ones, but we have learned it is not Planet Earth. There is a long history of domestic violence in the United States that continues to the present day. When domestic violence allegations arise in relationships, the ripple effects can be far reaching.

Relationships are difficult, everybody knows that. There are always going to be arguments and differences of opinion, even if they are merely about whose turn it is to take out the garbage. We have seen that domestic violence can be very real, when people are injured or killed. We have also seen that domestic violence allegations can be fraudulent, where a charge of domestic violence is used as a ruse to gain advantage in a divorce or custody dispute.

Just by filing a domestic violence injunction in civil court, one person may get his or her partner thrown out of a joint residence and prohibited from coming back, even to visit children. That same person may be awarded temporary child support and alimony without a full hearing. Often hearings are set and held within 10 days or two weeks of the injunction being filed, which gives the accused violent offender little time to find a place to live or hire a lawyer to fight the domestic violence allegations.

It is common for the initial accuser to “take back” the domestic violence allegations, to change his or her mind and decide he or she does not wish for the legal action to move forward. When a civil injunction is involved, the person asking for the injunction may dismiss the case at any time, and even after it is put in place the accuser may still be able to ask that it be modified.

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Joseph J. Registrato: The Affordable DUI and Domestic Violence Attorney of Tampa

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If you have been frustrated searching for an affordable DUI or domestic violence lawyer in Tampa who speaks in plain English, the Tampa Legal Team and Joseph J. Registrato, Esq., are here for you.

If you’ve been frustrated searching for a lawyer you can afford, you should talk to me about a “flat fee” arrangement rather than a contract that includes an hourly rate. There is also the possibility of starting off with a contract that includes a down payment followed by regular payments.

And if you’ve been frustrated searching for a lawyer willing to fight even when the odds are against him, you may have found what you’re looking for. In my experience with hundreds of DUI, domestic violence — in fact almost all criminal cases — the results are almost always better when you put up a fight.

After 30 years of practicing law (licensed in September 1989), as both a prosecutor of crimes and a public defender, and after spending 20-plus years in private practice, I’ve seen hundreds of people baffled by the explanations they are given by lawyers and judges. Most shrug their shoulders as they walk out of court, having no idea what they were just told. Words like “withhold adjudication,” “waiver of rights,” “no contest,” have little or no meaning outside the criminal justice system, and people should not be expected to understand them in the few seconds they stand before a judge, usually so nervous and rattled they can’t even hear the words being said.

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