You CAN change your life

You hired a hitman? He bought a house for his girlfriend? She drained your bank accounts? In over 30 years, we have heard it all. Better yet, Joseph Registrato is a Marine Combat Veteran who fights smart, fights hard, and measures the costs of war with compassion.

Divorce is not a dirty word. It is sometimes the only way out of a relationship that has grown toxic for everyone involved, including, but often overlooked, the children. Mr. Registrato often reminds us at the Tampa Legal Team that if you can help a child in a tough situation, you change the world.

It takes courage to change your life. If Divorce is the change you need, call Mr. Registrato for a free consultation. Some unpleasantries can be avoided easily with a veteran lawyer in the driver seat. Let us help you get into and out of this fight with the fewest scars.  Let’s change your life. 813.247.1900.

Never Surrender

“Never Surrender” is a byword of the Tampa Legal Team. This is because we believe that perseverance is the best course when fighting for a cause. We have no fear of the courts. The courts, the great arbiters of truth and justice, have once again come through for America. It is the courts that continue to Make America Great.

Pandemic Time Sharing

Why would you include a Pandemic Time Sharing Clause in your Parenting Plan? Until March 2020, this was definitely not something on most people’s minds. But like any Time Sharing provision, co-parents have found themselves embattled over sometimes minor disputes. Well this IS something, now. If you have establish some trust with your co-parent over this pandemic, excellent. You are not in the majority. If you are on-edge or uneasy about the potential disputes as the days and weeks linger, you are not alone. More alarming, if you have concerns about the health and safety of your children and your family because of this pandemic because of your time-sharing plan, do not suffer silently. Your greatest responsibility is your family. Never Surrender your kids to harm or fear.

These days courts are really relying on parents to reach resolutions and solve issues on their own. Lawyers had not always encouraged it for a variety of reasons. Court can often lead parents to agree. Perhaps concerns over Health & Safety has replaced the fear of losing in court. So teaching some agreement ahead of a crisis is the key. It can also become enforceable as a temporary measure, without fear you are giving up or taking something permanently. You should have a lawyer help craft the agreement to protect the health & safety of your children sooner than later. This could be an agreed upon suspension of Time Sharing. It could be less back and forth. It could adjust for new schedules, schoolwork, travel restrictions, internet, telephone, and video interactions, etc. Our significant concern is that our clients will suffer silently. Many of these concerns can be avoided and negotiated, then solidified in the event of a dispute, while we all ride out the pandemic.

Alternatively, some children are really exposed to more health and safety risks with the spread of the coronavirus, specifically CoVid-19. In these circumstances, you may be seeking relief from the Court on time sharing. Some of the stories we are hearing are real emergencies. Some parents are learning that a 7-year-old child is being left home alone by a co-parent because daycares are closed. In some circumstances, the Department of Children and Families is threatening to place children in Foster Care unless the protective parent takes steps to intervene, assist, or modify the current time-sharing arrangement. These may be emergencies that require immediate court action but often times cooler heads can prevail with a temporary time sharing modification.

We will survive the pandemic. There are a lot of stressors in the lives of many at the moment. A parenting plan is designed to add predictability in the event parents cannot agree on the best interests of the children. Our Lawyers are currently available 24/7 to discuss the Health & Safety of your children in this pandemic. These calls are complimentary and confidential. If you need to retain our services during this pandemic, we are offering reduced rates to help ease the stress and anxiety of your concerns. As Tampa Legal Team Partner, Joseph J. Registrato, Esq. says, “we really do try to make it so people can afford us when times are tough.” The number to call is 813-247-1900.

Home Crisis Intervention – CoViD-19

Tampa Legal Team Offers Intervention during Domestic Violence Incidents Brought on by Corona Virus crisis.  

            In response to warnings that stress caused by the coronavirus crisis will spur an increase in domestic violence, the Tampa Legal Team is offering a special service to families, victims and others who may be affected during the crisis. 

            The Tampa Legal Team is offering to intervene during any potentially dangerous domestic violence incident with free advice and counseling in an effort to prevent injuries and avoid criminal charges that may include child and spouse abuse.  Call 24-7 for free advice before injury or violence is imminent, during this crisis period.   If further legal assistance is needed for those that call Tampa Legal Team, a reduced hourly rate and retainer agreement, as low as 50-per-cent off, is offered.  This will apply to domestic violence injunctions and/or representation in criminal or civil matters such as battery charges or divorce.     

             The number to call 24 hours a day seven days a week is 813-247-1900.   Additional information about domestic violence in general is available on the firm’s website at

            Tampa Legal Team partner Jeffery Marshall said, “By intervention we mean getting involved in your situation, whatever is going on. This is based on having represented clients in domestic-violence injunctions, misdemeanor and felony domestic violence cases, child custody cases, and child dependency proceedings.  Strategies may include leaving the home temporarily, willingness to mediate between participants, ways to disengage with aggressors, and whatever it takes to offer alternatives to violence.”

By intervention we mean getting involved in your situation… and whatever it takes to offer alternatives to violence.

            The Washington Post on Friday reported that domestic violence advocates in communities from Washington, D. C. to Washington State have begun to sound the alarm over the danger caused by stress brought on by the virus.

            The Post quoted Katie Ray-Jones, chief executive of the National Domestic Violence Hotline.  “We know that when there’s added stress in the home it can increase the frequency and severity of abuse.  We’re trying to prepare survivors for that,” Ray-Jones said.