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  • Joseph J. Registrato: The Affordable DUI and Domestic Violence Attorney of Tampa

    JOSEPH J. REGISTRATO IS A DIFFERENT KIND OF LAWYER WHO WILL DEFEND YOU IN YOUR DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CASE. If you have been frustrated searching for an affordable DUI or domestic violence lawyer in Tampa who speaks in plain English, the Tampa Legal Team and Joseph J. Registrato, Esq., are here […]

  • Sticks of Fire

    This is the amazing Sticks of Fire sculpture located in Plant Park on the University of Tampa campus. Click over to VisitFlorida to learn the inspiration behind this striking piece of art that speaks to the spirit of all Tampanians.

  • Should I Represent Myself?

    The question comes up in many cases of so-called minor crimes and misdemeanors. “Can’t I represent myself?” My answer is that no person should represent himself or herself in a civil or criminal case. It’s just too difficult and specialized and so many regret the decision. There’s an old saying, “He who represents himself has […]

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