You CAN change your life

You hired a hitman? He bought a house for his girlfriend? She drained your bank accounts? In over 30 years, we have heard it all. Better yet, Joseph Registrato is a Marine Combat Veteran who fights smart, fights hard, and measures the costs of war with compassion.

Divorce is not a dirty word. It is sometimes the only way out of a relationship that has grown toxic for everyone involved, including, but often overlooked, the children. Mr. Registrato often reminds us at the Tampa Legal Team that if you can help a child in a tough situation, you change the world.

It takes courage to change your life. If Divorce is the change you need, call Mr. Registrato for a free consultation. Some unpleasantries can be avoided easily with a veteran lawyer in the driver seat. Let us help you get into and out of this fight with the fewest scars.  Let’s change your life. 813.247.1900.

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