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  • You CAN change your life

    You hired a hitman? He bought a house for his girlfriend? She drained your bank accounts? In over 30 years, we have heard it all. Better yet, Joseph Registrato is a Marine Combat Veteran who fights smart, fights hard, and measures the costs of war with compassion. Divorce is not a dirty word. It is […]

  • Never Surrender

    “Never Surrender” is a byword of the Tampa Legal Team. This is because we believe that perseverance is the best course when fighting for a cause. We have no fear of the courts. The courts, the great arbiters of truth and justice, have once again come through for America. It is the courts that continue […]

  • DUI – Defense

    Jeffery S. Marshall and Joseph J. Registrato have been prosecuting and defending DUIs for the better part of 30 years. If you are looking for Experienced Trial Lawyers to Fight or Negotiate your case, give us a call today: 813-247-1900.

  • Pandemic Time Sharing

    Why would you include a Pandemic Time Sharing Clause in your Parenting Plan? Until March 2020, this was definitely not something on most people’s minds. But like any Time Sharing provision, co-parents have found themselves embattled over sometimes minor disputes. Well this IS something, now. If you have establish some trust with your co-parent over […]

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